“Lier Group” company is the official dealer of “MAN Truck and Bus RUS” LLC. The headquarters of the company is located in the town of Krasnodar. Here you can buy dump trucks, tractors, MAN chassis and NEOPLAN buses. The “Lier Group” also provides such services as warranty and post-warranty repair of MAN vehicles at service centre and selling the original MAN replacement components in Krasnodar.

The client requested the IDEAFIX GROUP production company to create a promotional video package.

The work of IDEAFIX GROUP production team intended creation of two full-fledged products:

  • presentation film for demonstrating to partners and Internet promotion
  • graphic commercial for TV broadcasting. The commercial was created in 2 timelines: 25 and 5 seconds.

Writing and client’s approval of two full-fledged scripts – for the film and for the commercial, which became the base for the shooting and 3D graphics.

The shooting took place at the company's headquarters in the town of Krasnodar. Not only the film crew, led by the project manager, but the equipment, including a six-meter camera crane, went there from Chelyabinsk. It appeared more cost-effective than renting equipment on site. Krasnodar colleagues represented by Inna Shcherbina, the make-up artist, and the model also took part in the shooting.

In 2,5 days the team has shot the office part of the huge (2500 m2) administration building of the “Lier Group” company and of the modern service center (2200 m2).

For demonstrating the client’s technics in action to the fullest we conducted the shooting from the moving car boot. But the footage was worth such a risk.

Even the weather, which challenged us only once with heavy shower, encouraged our plans. But our team’s professionalism made it possible to save the equipment (but not the cameraman) from the rain.

On returning from Chelyabinsk the meticulous work on editing and dubbing has begun. In addition, a vast amount of 3D graphics made in western stylistics have been developed specifically for the presentational film.

For dubbing we used one of 13 selected voices from the “Power FM” studio (Moscow city), after such professional voice-over there were no problems with its approval.

SUMMARY: In the most quality term the professional and thorough work has been conducted. The end products have been completely approved by the client and now are actively used for Internet promotion of the company and TV broadcasting.

The project team:

  • Scriptwriter – Lev Bitkov
  • Production Director – Ivan Artemov
  • Photography Director – Dmitriy Malyy
  • Computer Graphics Director – Kirill Kurov


GRAPHIC VIDEO (хронометраж 25 секунд, 5 секунд)

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