The “ALL TO SATKA!” project has been taking place since May to October 2013 in Satka town with the active participation of the IDEAFIX GROUP production specialists.

The main tasks of the “ALL TO SATKA!” project were the popularization of Russian culture, building an awareness and touristic attractiveness of the region, and developing the internal potential of the territory – social and cultural level of people increase, developing the artistic skills, creating the additional possibilities for realization of entrepreneurial and artistic initiatives.

The exhibition of famous painting “Reply of the Zaporozhian Cossacks to Sultan Mehmed IV of the Ottoman Empire” by Ilya Yefimovich Repin at the culture centre “Magnesite” of Satka town has become the main event of the project. The exhibition has attracted attention of wide audience – it has been visited by 80 thousands of people, and hundreds of local people have taken part in its organization. The “ALL TO SATKA!” project has got into the shortlist of “Silver Archer” National award in the field of public relations development in the category “The best project in the field of developing and promotion of territories”. Besides, the project has become one of the best social projects of Russia.

The IDEAFIX GROUP production specialists took active participation in most stages of the large-scale project:

  • preparation of the exhibition site at the culture centre “Magnesite”;
  • corporate style and printing products (leaflets, posters, hard posters) development;
  • BTL-support of the exhibition (personnel training for work at the exhibition,
  • supervising, advertisements at gas stations, promo offers);
  • information support of the exhibition in the Internet (web-site maintenance, creating the content for social networks)  and in media (competitions on the radio);
  • conducting the competition “From Satka to Petersburg!”
  • producing the promo clips.

The first – viral – promo clip has appeared in the network at the teaser stage of project promotion.

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